Welcome to Jungle Cat!

Jungle Cat - Phnom Penh
Welcome to Jungle Cat (and our new website), the premier Ukrainian Restaurant in Phnom Penh! Our larger than life owner originates from Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. Jungle Cat Kiev It turns out “the boss” as well like to call him had a knack for making restaurants! The food at Jungle Cat was good and news spread! What started off as a humble affair became a behemoth 450 seated establishment. Jungle Cat Phnom Penh

Flavoured Moonshine

Flavoured moonshine, or rather moonshine is a bit of a thing in the old USSR. It’s no secret that Russians and Ukrainians like a drink, or 3. Therefore many have gone the extra mile by making it themselves! We are those people. Jungle Cat Moonshine When we say we make it it in house, we really are not lying. The boss literally makes and bottles from his house above the restaurant. It has now gotten