The Best Moonshine in Phnom Penh

The best moonshine in Phnom Penh you say? Самогон is the Ukrainian word for moonshine, and we make the best moonshine in Cambodia, right from our Jungle Cat home.. Making moonshine is a skill that Ukrainians learn from a young age, our boss is a little older, so that now makes him a moonshine expert.

We currently offer plum, honey, original, passion fruit and horseradish flavors. All can be ordered by the glass ($1.50), or by the bottle ($20).

Come join us for a glass.

By the Glass

We famoulsy give a free shot of our plum moonshine on arrival, but you are very welcome to order more by the glass.Try the horseradish washed down with a pickle for a truly Slavic experience.

25 ml bottles

If you can’t handle a full litre then why not get one of our smaller bottles for $5?

Litre Bottles

Defiantly our most popular way to sell the best moonshine in Phnom Penh! One liter will set you back a mere $20, that’s 25 or so decent shots.

If you are a bar, or restaurant that would like to sell our moonshine then we offer bulk discounts for wholesale.

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