Welcome to Jungle Cat!
Jungle Cat

Welcome to Jungle Cat!

Welcome to Jungle Cat (and our new website), the premier Ukrainian Restaurant in Phnom Penh! Our larger than life owner originates from Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine.

Jungle Cat Kiev

It turns out “the boss” as well like to call him had a knack for making restaurants! The food at Jungle Cat was good and news spread! What started off as a humble affair became a behemoth 450 seated establishment.

Jungle Cat Phnom Penh
Jungle Cat Phnom Penh

The Jungle Cat comes to Cambodia!

The boss likes traveling and ended up coming to Cambodia. Here he fell in love with the country, its people and culture. An idea was thus formed, what about sharing the joys of Slavic cuisine with Cambodia? Originally situated in Sihanoukville, we have moved a few times since. Our current location is situated down by the exciting riverside of Phnom Penh on Street 110. If you want action, we are right at the centre of it!

What makes Jungle Cat so special then?

If you like good hearty Slavic food, and you’d be crazy not too then Jungle Cat is frankly the best restaurant, not just in Phnom Penh, but the whole of Cambodia. At least in our own humble opinion.

We serve a whole heap of Ukrainian, Russian and other Slavic favorites, from soups to big old kebabs cooked by our owner.

You can check out our menu here

Oh and did we mention that we make our own moonshine?

The boss makes the best moonshine in Phnom Penh, right from the restaurant. Now that might sound like a bold statement, but we are not the only ones to think so!

To read a review of our moonshine click here

We are also so friendly that we even welcome you with a shot on arrival!

Welcome to the Jungle!

So, if you fancy doing something a little different, or need a break from Khmer, or western food, then come and see us at the restaurant. You will not regret it!

And of course, feel free to browse our new website and let us know what you think!